Meet Raquel Foreman, she has been married for 20 years and has 4 children, she is a 13 year entrepreneurial veteran.  She has a a BS in Business Manag...View Details

Dan Ringo Episode 24

Meet Dan Ringo, an Entrepreneur, Author and Professional Trainer.  He was born in Cleveland, Ohio as the youngest of four boys.  Later settling in Det...View Details

Jermaine Quick Episode 23

Meet Jermaine Quick- a father, a Cinematographer, Director, Writer, Editor, Producer, and Composer.  Raised in Philly, he started as a rapper in his y...View Details

Meet Sheila Howard- a wife, mother, grandmother, author, and inspirational role model.  She is also known as She Jag within social media.  Sheila auth...View Details

Aldrin-David Episode 21

Meet Aldrin-David, a Serial Entrepreneur in Beauty & Health, Hair Makeup & Skincare Coach, and the Founder of Beauty Beyond Limits.  He comes ...View Details

Coach T Episode 20

Meet Coach T- a certified personal trainer with NASM with a B.A. in Psychology and an Associates Degree in Exercise Science. He has been working in th...View Details

Jennifer Slay Episode 19

Meet Jen Slay - She is a counselor, life coach, and motivational speaker. Slay sees clients one on one and supports them as they make significant step...View Details

Meet XayLi Barclay - She is a Visual Content Creation Coach who specializes in helping entrepreneurs effectively stand out and make a genuine impact i...View Details

Nina Sadlowsky Episode 18

Meet Nina Sadlowsky....  She is an International Results Coach, Speaker, and Yoga Instructor.  She has worked in the corporate marketing world for alm...View Details

B. Araba Episode 17

Meet B. Araba Wilson is an impassioned artist, literary writer, actress, photographer and singer/songwriter.  Born in Ghana, West Africa, it was not u...View Details

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