Hannah Dixon Episode 16

This week's dynamic guest is coming to you from Bangkok, Thailand.  She is an Online Business Mentor and Strategist, and has helped over 8000 millenn...View Details

This week's awesome guest is coming to you from Jacksonville, Florida.  She is a third generation Realtor, mother, wife, hustler, and online coach. ...View Details

This week's dynamic guest is coming to you from London.  She is a self relationship coach, public speaker, upcoming author, and is the Founder of Wo...View Details

This week's amazing guest is a tarot reader, energy healer, and spiritual life coach.  She is on a mission to inspire others and assist those that de...View Details

Today's podcast is an episode from a show called 'The Tipping the Scales Show'.  The show is based on two Libra Queens from opposite sides of the wor...View Details

Today’s guest has been seen on films such Split, Creed, Cover; and has been seen on popular tv and Netflix shows as Black Lightening, House of Cards...View Details

This week’s dynamic guest is our next instalment from our summer in Italy Buti Yoga Series.  Meet one of the women that is setting the London fitne...View Details

Bo Pride Episode 9

This week’s guest is a 28 year Army Veteran who chose to give back to his community by creating a camp for single parents and families of deployed s...View Details

Meet Chandra Winzenried for our 3rd episode in our Buti Yoga series. She is a world traveler, a yoga enthusiast and instructor, and a person that live...View Details

Crystal Palermo Episode 7

Buti Series 2: Meet Crystal Palermo, a fiery Master Trainer and Director of Leadership with Buti Yoga and now creator of Merge.  She is also a mom an...View Details

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