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Sep 2021

Ebony Rice Episode 49

September 12, 2021

Meet Ebony Rice, aka Emily #emilydidit.   She is a young, multi-talented up and coming entrepreneur with a unique sense of fashion.  Ebony is a Personal Stylist and has boldly relaunched her brand “Emilydidit, LLC”, during the pandemic, in Las Vegas Nevada.  

Years ago when she moved to Atlanta, the New York native began freelance styling. She quickly picked up clients such as commercial and print model Mapillar Dahn and EncoreHD hair Magazine, along with Editor in Chief, Larry J. Stephens 

Ebony is responsible for Mapillar’s spread in volume 10, 11 & 12 of EncoreHD Hair Magazine, her look at the release party, and many of her red carpet looks. 

Anyone who knows Ebony knows that she has a fun and quirky sense of humor, and she is a joy to work with. 

As the Lead Fashion Consultant for EncoreHD Magazine she acquired the name "Emily" by Editor in Chief Larry J Stephens, in homage to the team's favorite fashion movie “The Devil Wears Prada.” On any given photo shoot, you can hear him yell, “Emily!” at least a 100 times during a 10 hour shoot, hence the hashtag #emilydidit.

Ebony is a hard worker and kills the game every where she goes.  Listen in as she tells us how she committed her life to change…..


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