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Jul 2021

Kelly Schwartz Keville Episode 48

July 17, 2021

Meet Kelly Schwartz Keville. Born and raised in Bmore Baltimore Maryland.  She is a proud single mom (to a crew of kiddos ranging from ages 20 - 6).  She was diagnosed with ADHD at midlife, and developed a co-dependency "habit" that almost took her out.

Kelly loves to share the"little" treasures that could make a big impact ~ bringing ease and flow, and a bit of comfort to the world of single mothering.

Her career as a creative professional has been full and diverse and has included work with the University of Maryland Center for Young Children, Johns Hopkins University School of Education, Urban Teachers, Teaching Strategies, and Baltimore's Sexual Assault/Domestic Violence Center

Kelly is currently a coach and mentor to single moms, bringing her real-world experience along as she embarks on her newest journey into the world of online life coaching and mentoring.

Kelly is dedicated to building a sisterhood, a collective of women, and a supportive community ~ a place to cry a little, laugh a lot, and find some creative solutions to the problems and challenges single moms are facing daily.

Listen in as she tells us how she committed her life to change…..


Recommended Books: “Untamed” by Glennon Doyle 


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