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Jun 2021

Kim Gemmell Episode 46

June 18, 2021

Here we are with another awesome episode of Commit 2 Change! Please give a warm welcome to Kim Gemmell! She is an author, an aspiring inspirational speaker, a mother, and a wife, that knows all about living through challenging times. She shares her incredible story in her first book, Bravery; Our Journey of Faith, Hope & Love, which follows the birth of her son Avery born with a critical heart defect, and beautiful daughter Jesse diagnosed with autism.

Her experience has inspired a purpose to provide the ability to not only rise above adversity, but to find renewed faith and fortitude. Kim provides advice and tools for people to face their fears, have faith and in themselves, feel the confidence to take the first step to accomplishing their goals.

Besides her book "Bravery; Our Journey of Faith, Hope & Love", which is a human interest story captivating hearts. She has graced us with more of her inspirational story in an upcoming book called "Smile Again".

Kim’s story sends a message of humbled gratefulness accompanied with the power to rise above adversity with a new found strength. She loves helping people learn that great things can come from adversity....bigger, better than could have been imagined.

Listen in as she tells us how she committed her life to change…..

Favorite Quotes: "Turn Your Wounds Into Wisdom" by Oprah "Be the Change You Want to See in the World" Ghandi

Recommended Books: "Smile Again" by Kim Gemmell, "A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose Book" & "The Power of Now" by Eckhart Tolle, "Chicken Soup for the Soul Series" by Jack Canfield

Get the audio version of "Smile Again"! Part of the proceeds goes to charities like Children's Hospital, so please click the link to listen to 'Smile Again' as an audiobook:

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