This week's awesome guest is coming to you from Jacksonville, Florida.  She is a third generation Realtor, mother, wife, hustler, and online coach.  After her husband went to prison for a crime he didn't commit, she dedicated her life to raising their then 1 year old son and turning her passion in realty into a lucrative business.  With online courses, a podcast, youtube page, and more… she is now showing people the true power that they possess inside.  With her success and life as an example, she guides others to create the life they desire from the inside out.

Meet Rebecca Hamilton….  Listen in as she shares with us her commitment to change!


Recommended book(s): Becoming SuperNatural- Dr. Joe Dispenza


Links to finds out more about VIP guest:






Realty Course


Realtor YouTube page


Email her for more information and/or for a free copy of her pdf and video called the “Energetic Hustle”: 


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