This week’s dynamic guest is our next instalment from our summer in Italy Buti Yoga Series.  Meet one of the women that is setting the London fitness world on fire!  She is killing it with her Dancehall, Buti Yoga (as a Master Trainer), Personal Training, and other fitness classes!  

Her passion is movement & music and she loves to combine the two in whatever class she is taking or teaching.  She strongly believes in CONNECTION;  connection with self, others, and helping to uplift other people in whatever you do.

Meet Sara Fakih… Listen in as she tells us how he made his commitment to change….

Recommended book(s): The Four Agreements- Don Miguel Ruiz

Links to finds out more about VIP guest:




She has a number of Yoga Fitness Retreats coming up in Ibiza and Morocco!  Get to her website and get your tickets now!


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