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Dec 2020

Ashley Clayton Episode 44

December 4, 2020

Meet Ashley Clayton!  She is a life and relationship coach in southern California coach who specializes in helping people of color see their self-worth during times of hardship. Through her wellness company Love and Other Things, Ashley teaches people how self-love can affect every part of their life. She helps her clients develop skills that transfer into better jobs, healthier relationships, and stronger emotional connections to self. Her core belief is "to know yourself is to know love”.


In addition, Ashley works for a social justice non-profit in South Los Angeles, where their main focus is to assist African Americans that have been affected by the jobs crisis.


Ashley believes that it is important for people to not feel alone or believe that their situation will not get better. By sharing her message she hopes to let people know that there is always a way out of the storm and that there are people who can help them see it.

Listen in as she tells us how she committed her life to change…..


Quote: “Perfection isn't real!”  “You're gonna fail and you're just gonna have to tweak, and revert...You will obtain your vision..

You can't get there unless you do it."


Recommended book(s): The Pumpkin Plan - Mike Michalowicz   & The Five Love Languages - Gary Chapman #CommissionsEarned


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