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Nov 2020

Jade Hendricks Episode 43

November 27, 2020

Meet Jade I. Hendricks.  She is a Certified Financial Education Instructor (CFEI), Coach, Writer, Podcaster, and Speaker.   She is a woman on a mission to shift the perspective of wealth and legacy in disenfranchised communities. 


Growing up in a single-parent household shaped Jade's initial perspective of wealth and security. This motivated  her to secure over $600,000 in scholarships in high school and successfully obtain her Bachelor's degree, debt-free.   Jade's mission is to share her story to help other students do the same.  


Primarily focused on personal finance, Jade volunteers with local organizations that work with high school students on college preparation, professional development and financial education.


Jade's professional background includes working for Fortune 100 companies, Oracle and Morgan Stanley, where she's developed training programs, educated Millennial clients and enhanced Diversity & Inclusion initiatives to grow the talent pipeline.


Jade’s goal is to create and cultivate spaces in which people of color can learn and grow, particularly within career and personal finance, by sharing my experience, providing advice and bridging the gap between talent to opportunity.


Listen in as she tells us how she committed her life to change…..


Quote: “It is not about being ‘the best’, it’s about being YOUR BEST!”


Recommended book(s): Atomic Habits - James Clear #CommissionsEarned


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